Let’s face it: if you and I have the same capabilities, the same energy, the same staff, if the only thing that’s different between you and me is the products we can get, and I can get a better product than you, I’m going to be a better chef.
Thomas Keller - Restaurateur, Chef
World Restaurateurs Club

Basic Rules

The primary value of the Club lies in the fact that we are all busy, responsible adults who have gathered here to spend time productively and enjoyably. The rules logically stem from this. Moderators oversee this.

We strive not to create unnecessary bureaucracy. Here are the points that have been established at the moment:

  • The club is created for communication, knowledge exchange, and collaborative projects.

  • Self-promotion is not allowed, unless requested by another member. When asking something from the Club, give back in return. Don't just come in and promote your startup without contributing value to everyone. Share your story, insights, and experiences. We're all for honest exchange.

  • If you have received valuable assistance from another member and would like to express your gratitude, we suggest making a donation to a charity that supports children. You are free to choose the charity or seek our recommendation. Please provide proof of the donation after making it. This is voluntary, but it helps us collectively support children's charities.

  • To invite a new member to the club, two existing members must vouch for them.

  • All partnership and supplier offers are reviewed by the club. However, if a member is unhappy with working with a specific partner, we promptly assess the situation and may exclude the partner from the club if unacceptable behavior is confirmed.

  • Please respect the opinions and time of other members. Always strive to maintain constructive dialogue and avoid insults, spam, or other undesirable behavior.

  • Be polite, open, and helpful to others. We have a tradition of treating people as friends here, so when someone starts behaving like a "typical internet commenter," they get shown the door.

  • Insulting other club members is prohibited. Sarcasm, passive aggression, and personal attacks are not tolerated here.

  • Meaningless and negative comments like "this company is full of idiots" or "why does this garbage even exist" are not approved. We don't penalize for the occasional emotional outburst, but if someone consistently writes in such a style, the moderators will have to take action to maintain a constructive dialogue.

  • Privacy does not equal a free pass. Don't break the laws of your country or common sense in general. Radicals and fanatics are not what we need here, no matter which extreme they're leaning towards.

  • Posting confidential information or content that violates laws and norms is strictly prohibited. Ensure that your posts comply with the law and community guidelines.

  • We welcome diversity of opinions and experiences. Remember that each member may have a unique perspective. Discussing different approaches to problem-solving and issues can be very productive.

  • Content posted in the community should be related to the restaurant business, entrepreneurship, or topics of interest to restaurateurs. Please do not post unrelated content that may distract from the community's main theme.

  • We value your active participation and initiative. If you have ideas, suggestions, or a desire to contribute to the community's development, please contact the administration. Your initiatives and assistance are always welcome.

About The Club
The Club is a community. We bring people together and accumulate personal experiences. We don't consider ourselves elitist, and we don't have a hidden agenda or other ideological stuff. On the contrary, we've gathered here to finally have an honest and open conversation, away from the vast internet.

If you've come here just to read posts, you probably won't get the most out of the Club. The main thing for us is the people. They are amazing, and it's them who create offline and online buzz, initiate networking, and start joint projects.

Every Club member can reach out to another and ask for help. The Club is a distinctive symbol of "our people."
Transparency Statement
Someone pays for every party. If you don't pay for the service, you are the product. That's how the internet works.

The club exists thanks to the contributions of its users. This allows it to remain independent and unaffiliated with any company. Its primary strength lies in its independence.

No external organization has the right to influence the club's operations without explicit notification to its members.

We, the creators of the club, guarantee this right. In other words, no one has the right to use paid manipulations and "native integrations," including the administration itself. It is a matter of honesty and trust from the users.

The club can only attract sponsors and advertisers on an open and mutually beneficial basis. For example, club members receive discounts, sponsors gain new users, and the club receives resources for development. Such integration is transparent, and that's why we recommend everyone to do it this way.
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