International experience and the latest technologies of restaurant management, development and promotion from famous restaurant owners, major chains and proven experts.

International conference on restaurant management and development in 2024
February 5-7
Ali Yazdi
Proud founder of "Slaw and Slaw and more". 50 best chefs in the Middle East.
Ali Yazdi is the founder of Slaw and slaw and more restaurants (4 restaurants in the UAE). Winner of "Best Burger", "Best Casual Restaurant" awards in the United Arab Emirates, is included in the list of the 50 best chefs in the Middle East.
Sanzhar Maksudov
Founder of JOWi restaurant automation program, 3500 establishments worldwide.
Restaurateur with 20 years of experience, entrepreneur, founder of JOWi, a professional restaurant automation software.
6 restaurants in Uzbekistan. 3500 establishments worldwide.
Henrik Winter
President of the Tigrus Restaurant Holding. 55 restaurants under management.

President of the Tigrus Restaurant Holding. 55 restaurants. Since 1983 he has been involved in opening and developing hospitality projects in the USA and France.
+24 speakers
Restaurant Week

Dubai 2024

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A rich conference program from 24 practitioners in the international restaurant business. The conference will gather the best experts in the restaurant business from all over the world, who will share their experience and knowledge on real examples with real data.

24 + 50

24 hot topics: automation, finances, team management, guest attraction channels, market analysis, marketing in a new environment, strategies for increasing sales, etc. As well as 50 ready-made documents to quickly implement everything the speakers talk about.


It would take you about $20,000 to get a one-on-one, small consultation with all the speakers, but here you solve the issue in two days.
Restaurantweek Dubai
Restaurantweek Dubai
By the way, each topic of the presentation is a working tool for restaurant development in the current reality, which the speakers tried out, tested, and got a good result.
Restaurant Business Development Conference Dubai 2024
The future of the restaurant industry is being created here.
The conference is for you if:
You have your own restaurant
If you want to adopt international practical experience and improve the "sinking" areas in your business.

Put the acquired knowledge into practice! We give you all the necessary tools: tables and checklists, templates of ready-made documents and much more.

What will you get as a result?

- Break revenue records.
- See the growth points for your business.
- Make a clear plan to reach new heights.
- Become part of a community in the restaurant industry.
You run a restaurant
Get an opportunity to identify " sinking" areas in the business and improve the efficiency of the restaurant.

Help the owner to increase the company's profits - and therefore increase your own income!

What will you get as a result?

- Become the expert that employers will fight for.
- A long-awaited promotion.
- The opportunity to use new knowledge to start your own business.
You want to open your own restaurant
Cut your way to a successful business by taking advantage of the experience of successful colleagues, rather than getting your bumps in the road at your own expense.

Our conference will help you avoid the typical mistakes that 99% of aspiring restaurateurs make, even if they were experienced entrepreneurs before.

What will you get as a result?

- A clear plan for building your business from scratch.
- Savings that are better invested in growing your business.
- Strong support from the community - communicate, share experiences and run projects together!
Restaurant Business Development Conference Dubai 2024
The future of the restaurant industry is being created here.
What questions you will get answers to:
  • Trends, analysis, forecasts
    What can you expect from 2024?
  • Staff
    Technologies of attraction, motivation, training. Everything that's relevant in 2024
  • Guests
    Mood management, service, creating a personalized experience after visiting your restaurant
  • Automation
    How can you automate your restaurant and cut costs as much as possible? Let numbers, robots, CRMs rule, but not emotions
  • Advertisement
    What promotion channels are the most effective for promoting the restaurant and attracting guests?
  • Finance and Accounting
    How to optimize costs and maximize restaurant profits?
Investment network
Investment network

And dozens more answers to the questions: "How?"

We provide ready-made solutions for each issue:

Analytics, successful cases + full set of necessary materials for implementation of the received tools

Restaurant Business Development Conference Dubai 2024
The future of the restaurant industry is being created here.
The conference program
The latest technologies for managing and setting up workflows, from staff and automation to attracting guests and scaling your restaurant, await you. + Of course, networking with colleagues, new collaborations, and creating joint projects.
Individual analysis
A one-on-one mini-group analysis of your restaurant by development experts, where you'll make a clear plan of action to increase your restaurant's popularity and profits. For individual analysis tickets only.
Get the program for all three days of the conference
Send to WhatsApp in PDF format
Who will share the experience at the Conference?
Henrik Winter
President of the Tigrus Restaurant Holding. 55 restaurants around the world
Duncan Fraser-Smith
Founder of The Cutting Edge Hospitality Agency, Awarded ‘Leading F&B Director’ by Hotel & Catering News Middle East, Creator of the world’s first ‘MasterChef, the TV Experience’ Restaurant concept in Dubai.

Sanzhar Maksudov
Restaurateur with 20 years of experience, entrepreneur, founder of JOWi, a professional restaurant automation software, used more than 3500 restaurants worldwild.
6 restaurants in Uzbekistan
Ali Yazdi
Proud founder of "Slaw and Slaw and more". Chef, award winner "Best burger", "Best casual restaurant" in the UAE 2023. Caterer power 50 chef
Leonid Dovbenko
Founder and CEO of YallaHub & YallaMarket DMCC, serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor and speaker

Olivera Lola Saponjac
Culinary expert. Ex-head of regional marketing Zomato in Asia and GCC.
Launch Mena 50 best restaurants award and Muchelin award in Abu Dhabi.
Hiba Khurram
Founder of "Desert Media", social media content creator, UAE golden visa holder, host of podcast "The Bigger Picture"
Claudio Gabriel Zarlenga
General Manager at Shanghai Me Dubai.
Awarded two consecutive years as the best Asian Restaurant in Dubai
Thomas Tsiakoumis
CMO & Co‑Founder at LemonAD Marketing.
Expert in digital marketing and lead generation,
Hadi Saroufim

Executive Chef Bar Du Port, UAE
Gold medal winner at the Horeca Food & Beverage competition.
Wisam Koukach
Head of Consulting and Projects at MAD Hospitality.
Winner of the What's On "Best Design" award (AD Society)
Nominee for the "Best Cafe" award (The Grey)
Open more than 50 international brands and 10 brands in UAE.
Magda Peistikou
Editor in Chief of Food Service Magazine (Greece).
Program leader for BA in Culinary Arts from 2015 till 2019 in Metropolitan College and Queen Margaret University
Antonio Fresa
Founder of Fresa's resrtaurant group
6 restaurant around the world
Halil Asar

Consultant for multi-property Hospitality and Lifestyle brands in the UAE
Gastronomy and Talent Coach for Europe & the Middle East
Named as an F&B TOP 40 All Star in 2023
Dr. Naim Maadad

Chief Executive & Founder, Gates Hospitality
Chairman of Australian Business
Council Dubai, Treasurer for UAE Restaurants Group
Board member of The Middle East Food Forum, Almont Global and others
Denis Ivanov
Restaurateur, founder of more than 40 restaurant projects in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Tyumen.
1. Checklist for restaurant inspection.
2. Types of users online and what product they choose.
3. Personnel checklist (manager, bartender, reception, lounge).
4. How to manage different types of employees in the restaurant.
5. The algorithm for maintaining the reputation of the service.
6. Example Google form to collect jobs from Instagram.
7. Example Google form to search for a direct manager.
8. Checklist of where to start leading, how to start promoting a completely empty account with no subscribers.
9. A checklist on how to identify your target audience.
10. Checklist to determine the composition of the SMM team.
11. Service book of bartender, waiter, cook, manager, guests, chef.
12. Methodological guide - the basics of hospitality and work rules.
13. Marketing calendar.
14. Checklist service.
15. Checklist sous chef.
16. Checklist bartender.
17. Checklist and audit for the manager.
18. Checklist management.
19. Checklist of shop closing.
20. Financial model.
21. Labor cost planning model.
22. Revenue planning model through personal motivation.
Documents for implementation for each participant
Get the program for all three days of the conference
Send to WhatsApp in PDF format
Make your restaurant a global brand
Increasing the profit of your restaurant, cafe, or club even by 5% is already a lot of money. And at the conference we aim to give you the tools to increase profits by 20 - 200%, depending on the current situation in your business.
$ 900
Day 1: Management
Day 2: Promotion
Suitable for restaurant owners
$ 526
Day 1: Management
Day 2: Promotion
Suitable for restaurant owners and managers
$ 219
Day 1: Management (Broadcast)
Day 2: Promotion (Broadcast)
For those restaurant owners and managers who can't make it in person
Basic + Individual analysis
$ 826
Day 1: Management
Day 2: Promotion
Day 3 Individual analysis of your restaurant
Suitable for restaurant owners and managers
Owner + Manager
$ 947
Ticket two in one:
2 Basic tickets

Advanced Owner and Manager
$ 1247
Ticket two in one:
2 Basic tickets.
+Individual analysis on day 3 of the conference

Every Friday at 6 p.m. rates will increase by $5-$30 depending on category.
Hurry up and take part at a great price!
Pay by bank transfer
We will invoice you. Specify the legal name of the company
directions that we analyze in mini-groups. You'll get exactly the advice you need to listen to.
months of prescribed actions for your restaurant. Get results after the first implemented tool!
way to solve your problems and get results in the shortest possible time.
Individual analysis of your business
Restaurant industry leaders will analyze your restaurant in five areas on Day 3 of the conference: staff, administration, sales, promotion and automation. Together with the experts, you will make a plan of action for the development of your business and identify its real points of growth.

In just one day you will receive a clear plan-scheme with tasks and recommendations for business development based on the experience of experts. Invaluable experience of the leaders in their field.
The experts of the individual analysis
Nina Makogon

Founder of the staffing agency, Co-owner of the online services RabotarestoranBot and RestoCVBot.

Alexander Tsymbal

Financial Director of Zavidovo Spa Village Recreation Residence Founder of FinPrizma Project Group.

Kirill Romaniuk

Founder and head of consulting at the Bureau of Restaurant Technology.

Natalia Patoka

Head of the guest community of the UnderSon chain of family cafes.

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Conference organizer since 2016 is Evdokimov Event team.

We are also the organizer of the SalonWeek conference and the Dentalweek conference.

All of our knowledge, experience in organizing large-scale business conferences and the connections with the owners of the best restaurant chains, top restaurateurs and recognized experts in the restaurant business, we apply to the preparation of the conference "Dubai Restaurant Week 2024" for you.
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