The latest technologies of restaurant management, development and promotion from famous restaurant owners, the largest chains and proven experts.
International conference on restaurant management and development in 2024
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February 5-7
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Restaurant Week

Dubai 2024

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Terms for Speakers
If you have successful experience in promoting, developing and debugging processes in the restaurant business with real data, we would love to hear from you,
but there are a few conditions:
  • 1
    Your presentation should include real facts and figures. When preparing your presentation, use graphs, charts, and other visual materials to illustrate your numbers and make them more understandable
  • 2
    Don't promote yourself
    No advertising. Our task is to provide relevant and useful content
  • 3
    Preparation of the presentation
    In preparation for the conference, you should prepare additional materials to make it easier for guests to implement what you are talking about. (Lists, checklists, instructions, etc. Those that are needed specifically for your topic)
  • 4
    You should have real experience in the restaurant business to help provide practical advice and recommendations based on your own experience. This can be especially helpful for other conference participants who may face similar problems or challenges in their work
  • 5
    Knowledge of English
    The conference is an international event that will bring together guests from different countries. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your speech and presentation are prepared in English, which is the common language of communication among participants. This will allow you to effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts and participate in discussions with your colleagues from different parts of the world
New clients
What does the speaker get?
  • Recognition
    Official recognition in the market
  • Status
    Expert status in the restaurant business
  • Advertisement
    Advertising campaign with you on behalf of the Conference
  • New clients
    To be a speaker at the Forum is a great opportunity to showcase
    yourself and get new clients
How to Become
A speaker
How to become our speaker?
Email us
Write on WhatsApp using the button below. In the message, you need to suggest the topic of the speech and tell us about your experience.
We will look into your message and contact you to discuss all matters
Recommendations for Speakers
Here you will see the requirements and recommendations for topics and talking points
Speakers who have already spoken at our conferences
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International annual conference on the development of the restaurant business

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