International experience and the latest technologies of restaurant management, development and promotion from famous restaurant owners, major chains and proven experts.
International conference on restaurant management and development in 2025
February 18-20
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Restaurant Week

Dubai 2025

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    Make your restaurant more popular and increase its attendance - install FONMIX player and professional sound equipment, manage the playlist from your phone, tablet or PC online.
  • Plazius
    Plazius offers tools to increase attendance, average check and restaurant revenue. The platform includes a loyalty program, analytics, mailing, booking and payment services. With Plazius, guests receive bonus cashback and perks; they can pay quickly and leave non-cash tips and pre-order food and beverages.
Partners of the event
    Nomia POS is a new restaurant automation system.
    Nomia has been developed for 3 years by a team with great experience in retail and restaurant market.
    Advanced technologies from the sphere of foodtech and b2c sales are used in its development and implementation. Unlike common automation systems Nomia offers optimization of all processes in your restaurant, cafe or bar!
    First version will be available for small business on November 1st.
    Nomia - building the future together!
  • Horeca Toys
    Horeca Toys is a manufacturer of children's kits in a unique format for restaurants and cafes.
    The kits solve two main problems:
    - engage children in interesting creativity without the use of gadgets;
    - give parents time to enjoy the food and atmosphere of the restaurant without the constant whims of children.
  • Mobile Charger
    Mobile Charger is a company that has been solving the problem of people everywhere with discharged gadgets for over 6 years.
    Manufacturer of universal chargers for all areas of business.
    With care for you and your customers, we charge gadgets and people.
  • DeliveryGuru
    Delivery Guru provides restaurants with a premium food ordering platform! Our benefits: the best expertise in food delivery, design according to your brand book, convenient management system, a variety of promotions, bonus and savings system, promo codes, online payment (ApplePay and GooglePay), integration with delivery system, pre-order and much more.
  • Vinarija PIK OPLENAC
    Vinarija PIK OPLENAC is the oldest wine producer in Serbia. Situated in the cozy town of Topola, on the sunny slopes of the hill Oplenac. Here, at the crossroads of natural and cultural values, Oplenac combines the generosity of nature and love for the eternal drink.
    Continuing more than 60 years of tradition, the Wine House creates wines with characteristic fruit and floral notes. It is a combination of unique knowledge, the latest technology and carefully selected terroirs.
  • SiEnergy Water
    SiEnergy silicon spring water has no analogues. The only natural water without technological treatment and preservatives. It combines three beneficial factors at once: bioavailable silicon, optimal acid-alkaline balance and bioenergetic activity. It strengthens immunity, prolongs youth.
    EASYFORM is a convenient production of uniforms, caring management and creative team. We work for long-term cooperation and evolve for your comfort.
    With us it is easy to develop and create new things!
  • WineChef
    WineChef is a convenient service for creating wine lists, a tablet application - bar menu, which makes wine selection clear and exciting for restaurant guests, it is an online platform with a database of over 70 thousand wines, sorted by taste and characteristics, with links to suppliers and their wholesale prices.
    BUNGE PRO CUISINE is a professional line of BUNGE oils for HoReCa segment.
    - The recipe of oils is developed in cooperation with chefs for chefs.
    - The most popular ranges are Bunge PRO Cuisine F1 (frying oil with a unique recipe) and Bunge PRO Cuisine U1 (universal 100% refined sunflower oil).
    - Maximum results thanks to high productivity and professional formulation.
    - High international level of expertise.
  • Vell'sWood
    Vell'sWood is a manufacturer of cutting boards, serving utensils made of light, environmentally friendly Kiri wood, which retain the performance of expensive professional knives, ensure the cleanliness of each dish.
  • Open Service
    Open Service was founded in 2010 and it is one of the leaders in the automation of all types of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and so on. It helps become better by providing solutions tested together with partners.
  • DocsInBox
    DocsInBox helps restaurant chains simplify and speed up interaction with suppliers by getting electronic invoices into the accounting system and sending electronic purchase orders. Solves restaurant issues with alcohol and grocery laws.
  • Real Touch
    Artificial flowers and plants made of silicone. Real Touch - decoration of spaces and events, sales of premium decorative flowers, 62 franchisees in Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Germany, USA and other countries, 5 years on the market.
  • Yamaguchi
    Yamaguchi is the largest supplier of massage equipment, using the latest innovative developments, a guarantee of quality for a healthy lifestyle, excellent health and great appearance.
  • Staff House
    Staff House is a dynamically developing company in the field of outstaffing and personnel services. In our work we are focused on building long-term partnerships with our clients, providing the most effective work.
  • Twindo
    A service for paying for goods and services in your favorite restaurants, bars, and so on, with likes from social networks. Collect the likes for the posts with the hashtags of your favorite restaurant and pay with it at the cash desk. Twindo brings new customers, as well as returns old ones.
  • SPI robotics
    SPI robotics is the official distributor of Pudu service robots.
    Service robots have been presented for several years and have gained quite a lot of popularity.
    Service robots, delivery workers, waiters, promoters - all of them are designed to automate routine tasks and increase profits.
    How do service robots help save money? First of all, by reducing costs in the form of wages and taxes and increasing productivity. Robots do not need to rest and can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • its group
    its group is the leader in HoReCa automation. For more than 16 years we have been successfully working on the market of IT-integration and restaurant business automation, we are the top dealer of iiko by the number of clients, 6-time Gold Partner, we manage more than 5 000 restaurants, bars and so on across the CIS, we work with large chains.
    We solve IT tasks of any complexity, automate and support restaurants on a turnkey basis. We provide uninterrupted operation, help restaurants to increase profits, grow from a small point into a successful chain. We do expert customization and provide the most responsive and quality 24/7 technical support for HoReCa - we are responsible for deadlines with our own money under the contract.
    We import directly and offer the best prices on all kinds of POS equipment:
    Online cash registers, POS Terminals, Printers, Scanners, Scales, Fiscal Storage and other items from the most famous brands.
    Trust our unparalleled expertise and run your restaurant with confidence!

  • Altuntop founded 33 years ago in Turkey, our bakery equipment manufacturing company has been a pillar of the industry. Drawing on a deep heritage of expertise, we take pride in crafting top-quality equipment that's become synonymous with innovation and reliability.

    We deliver a comprehensive range of ovens, dough mixers, dough divider machines, and other essential bakery equipment. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to consistently supply bakeries in over 112 countries with equipment that helps them thrive.
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